The idea of the Porsche Boxster 986 Shooting Brake started when Erik Groenendijk de Laat from the Fontys Hogeschool Eindhoven came up with the challenge to create a Shooting Brake on a Porsche base, for their Minor Motorsport Engineering. We did already a lot of projects together with them. When Erik asked Arno and Angelo van Thull, they were enthusiast about this idea, because they are always in for something new and outstanding.

The project started as a Minor of half a year. The students Bram, Dennis, Thom and Yori were supervised and assisted by the team of van Thull Development. For advice in some design issues they had contact with van Berlo Design in Eindhoven.  The group of these four students started this project without any experience in bodywork and designing.

The choice for a 986 series Porsche Boxster was quite easy. The Boxster is a very reliable and affordable Porsche. The mid-engine lay out would make it more usable, compared to a Porsche 996 for example, and it is well balanced. Because the Boxster is designed as a convertible, the stiffness of the car is very great and makes it a better base for conversion.  

Our intention from the beginning was to make this project feasible. When we searched for inspiration we came across a lot of sketches and Photoshop’s or renderings of modern Porsche Shooting Brakes. To design a nice looking Porsche Shooting Brake is not the challenge, but to make it a real concept that could go in production, is something different.

Because of this, we had to make some compromises in the design. We decided to use as much as possible parts that already exist. When we had to develop our own windows for example, this project would get way too expensive. That’s why we have chosen to use Porsche 996 door windows and side windows and a rear hatch from a Peugeot. To give the Shooting Brake a more up-to-date look we used several Porsche 997 and 991 elements.

The front conversion to Porsche 997 we had already in our program. The complete roof, rear hatch, rear fenders, door sills and rear bumper were developed from scratch, or partly used from different Porsche models. To make the rear side windows fit more into the Shooting Brake roof line we designed some air intake parts to cover the windows partly.

Of course a minor of a half year was too short for the students to finish this concept. Because they were so enthusiast and exited to see some end result Erik decided to give them another assignment for a half year so they can spend more time to this project to a concept.

When we have molded the complete roof, rear hatch, rear fenders, door sills and rear bumper we can offer this conversion for other Boxster 986 owners who would like to have a Porsche Boxster Shooting Brake