Rallycruiser Toyota

Years ago we developed the first Rallycruiser for 4×4 Centrum Ermelo Now after several years of developing, rallying and improving, they have made a very well performing rally car which has won a lot of prestigious rallies.

Currently, the technical side of the Rallycruiser has evolved into a reliable and modern rally car. But the looks of the car were a bit outdated. Developing a complete new rally car would have took some years again for 4×4 centre Ermelo, so that’s why they decided to develop complete new bodywork for the current Rallycruiser chassis.

So our challenge was to make the Rallycruiser more up to date, without any changes to the main structure and chassis. We used several parts from the Toyota Land Cruiser 2019 model to give the Rallycruiser a more modern look.

The complete new bodywork is developed by us and produced in carbon-kevlar.

Pictures of the end result from 4×4 Centrum Ermelo and pictures of the Rallycruiser in action from Rallymaniacs





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